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We are The Loft Storage Specialists!

Loft Storage with Bolton Joinery is worth waiting for...

Our LoftNet Product in action, Sale ManchesterOur LoftNet Product in action, Sale

We could have your loft looking like this in just a couple of days.

"Thanks for the fantastic work done on our attic boarding, not only great value for money but a first class job from start to finish. We appreciate the meticulous attention to detail and the perfect finish. I have no reservations in making a recommendation to the team at Bolton Joinery. All the best."

- John, Lostock

*EasyPrice 'Full Cover' Packages

Loft Flooring 3 Bed Semi

Turn your whole loft space into a clean usable storage space!


Let's make it simple. We only have 6 packages, add extras to suit or just take our Premium Package and get all the extras included.

How many bedrooms do you have in your house? If you think it's a typical sized house for the number of bedrooms you have then pricing the job is easy, see below. Take a look at the extras we do, such as insulation or our unique LoftNet.

-If you want all of the extras  you'll get an even better deal with our Premium Loft Storage Rooms package.

2 Bed 'Full Cover' with Loft Legs - £999

(Premium £1699)

3 Bed 'Full Cover' with Loft Legs - £1199

(Premium £1999)

4 Bed 'Full Cover' with Loft Legs - £1399

(Premium £2299)

  • ABRU aluminium ladder - weight rating 150kg (23.5 st.)
  • Hatch changed to hinged drop down - and insulated
  • Draught excluder on hatch
  • FREE upgrade to 4ft Fluorescent Light with pull switch
  • Boarding full usable area of loft (see above)

Premium Loft Storage Rooms include all the extras

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'Starter' Package with Loft Legs

Ladder, Light & Boarding

Supplied and fitted with Loft Legs - to raise the floor above your insulation - £499

  • ABRU aluminium ladder - weight rating 150kg (23.5 st.) - the best ladder we've found!
  • Hatch changed to hinged drop down - and insulated (see image)
  • Draught excluder on hatch
  • Light with pull switch (and energy saving bulb)
  • Floor Boarding - 8ft x 8ft (64sq ft - 6 sq meters)

Everything guaranteed for 12 months! Others may guarantee the ladder only, we even guarantee the bulb!!!

We fit an Abru aluminium loft ladder for accessLoft Legs raise the floor above your insulationWe can board all of the available spaceWe'll fit a loft hatch sleeve, making the access area neat and tidyYour hatch will be insulated and draft proofed

motion sensor** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** us on facebook or follow us on twitter and we'll install a


Loft Storage Extras

New Plastic HatchNew Loft Hatch (or enlargement)

Sometimes your loft hatch is just not big enough or in the right place.

We can solve this problem by making it bigger or cutting a new one above the landing or in a bedroom. Our customers are surprised how little mess we make when we do this.

When this is done we can install a plastic hatch cover so it doesn't need painting or a wooden hatch so the architrave matches what's around your doors, your choice.


We can increase the size of your hatch or install a new one for only £149

(when added to a Loft Storage Deal above - it's included in the Premium packages.)

Insulating your loftInsulation

25-30% of the heat your home loses is through the roof.

This can easily be reduced. Installing top up insulation in your loft will do this.

We can install loft insulation with any 'Full Cover' Deal for £50 per 5 square meters.



> It stops dust and debris falling down onto your valuable things

> It's white so it reflects light and heat into the loft

> Being breathable it allows air to move around your loft

Why not include in your order our LoftNet for only £169.

WhiteSeal Walls

WhiteSeal Walls

> It's white so it reflects light, brightening up the space

> Being water based it's breathable so it doesn't trap in any damp

> Looks pretty cool

Why not include in your order WhiteSeal Walls for only £169.

Wooden loft Ladder

A bit more comfort...

All of our loft ladders are built to take 23 stone in weight so forget the strength of them, a 3 inch flat tread however makes your assent a bit more comfortable - especially in your slippers!

We can fit a wooden loft ladder for an extra £249

(when added to a Loft Storage Deal above.)

Loft Ladder 3.51m

Do you have a very high ceiling (over 3 meters)?

If your ceiling is more than 3 meters we have a ladder for you.

We can fit a ladder for a ceiling height of up to 3.5m for £319

(when added to a Loft Storage Room above.)


Premium Loft Storage Rooms include all the extras

Fitting a ladder

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Our ladders are the best quality aluminium loft ladder we know of and we hinge the hatch with a catch, insulate the hatch, bead it and draft proof it!

For a bit more comfort, we can install a folding wooden ladder. The treads are 3" deep so they're more comfortable (and warmer of course).

Look at our Loft Storage packages.

Installing lighting

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Fitting a light in the loft will make a big difference, especially if you are using the loft for storage.

flourescent lightWe can fit a pendant light with an energy saving bulb and a pull switch and right now if you 'like' us on Facebook you'll get a free motion sensor! (which automatically turns the light on when you enter the loft).

When you have 6 or more 8ft x 2ft boards we are upgrading the light to a fluorescent fitting for free!

Laying loft boarding

Loft floor boardingDo you need storage? The boards we use are perfect for this, they're strong, moisture resistant and inexpensive, they're even FSB labeled (supporting the growth of responsible forest management).

This loft was boarded and the customer gained an extra 12 square metres of storage space in his house, perfect when there's another baby on the way!

Loft boards come at 8ft x 2ft and are tongue and grooved so they fit together better and are more rigid when laid, unlike the small ones commonplace in your 'diy' store (these boards are 1ft x 3ft and too small to do a great job, there are more joints and therefore more weakness).

Floor boarding will also help insulate the house preventing heat loss, reducing your heating bills!


Insulating the roof space

An un-insulated house loses a quarter of it's heat through the roof.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **We run loft insulation in the space between your rafters under the roofing material leaving a cavity for air flow.

Insulating your home properly will probably save you about £175 per year and around 800g of CO2 (according to the Energy Savings Trust- based on a 3 bed semi).

We insulated the roof of one of these houses (guess which one) in Horwich during the winter, I asked the customer if he'd noticed any change in the gas bill, his answer was, "Oh yes, our house is the last one in the street with snow on the roof." Thought I'd pop round for some evidence.

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Premium Loft Storage Rooms

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Want more room in your home?

A living room in a 3 bed semi is typically around 16 square meters. When we board the loft in this house we add around 23 square meters of extra storage in your home!

Imagine the space you could create in the rooms you use every day by having Bolton Joinery board a room you never use (your loft), make it accessible and fit a simple light fitting?

Clean and warm

Bolton Joinery use a raised loft floor system that makes sure your insulation works properly, we install LoftNet that stops debris falling down onto your valuable stored items, we can top up your insulation and we fully insulate and draught proof your new loft hatch.

Quality Guaranteed

The loft ladders we use are the best ones we have found and we have never had a problem with one! We use energy saving (and fluorescent) bulbs so they last for years.

All of the work we do in a loft is guaranteed for 12 months so you can be assured that we care about what we do and how happy you are with the finished product.

SAVE £175


The Loft Leg System